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India’s assimilation with the global economy and the consequent increase in demand for expertise in the area of science, technology and management has prompted us to form startup companies that could effectively perform three functions:
(1) Complement our academic programs where its students could find internship, practical training and job placements after graduation.
(2) Complement our academic programs by providing expertise in the form of faculty members drawn from the rank of executives from those companies, and mentoring our students to become effective managers of tomorrow
(3) To provide the expanding needs of tomorrow’s economy.

Our initiatives are focused in the following areas:

  • Software Development
  • Management Consulting in Software Solutions
  • Management Consulting in Technology Solutions
  • Business Processing needs for National and Transnational Corporation,
  • Management Consulting in Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare: Techno India has take the initiative to be a fore runner in the current emergence of private health care system which came into being due to the acute shortage and gross inefficiency and dysfunctioning of the public sector health care delivery mechanism and the health care needs of the growing population. In the initial stages these health care facilities sprouted in various metropolitan cities whenever the demand was felt. Also the private health care facilities initially stated acting as a complementary mechanism to public health care facilities available in the country. Thereafter, because of the quality, efficiency and reliability, the private health care facilities started assuming preferences over the public health care system. The Central and State Governments, were not unhappy on the emergence of the private health care facilities, large and small started mushrooming all over the country they started thinking in terms of taking certain regulatory measures which were not totally harmful to the growth of these private health care facilities. While there was appreciation for the entrepreneurs who organized and established the private healthcare facilities, there were other forces, which came into play, which attempted to frustrate the growth of private sector health institutions. Based on the above scenario Techno India Group wants to bridge the gap between the demand and supply in this sector with the huge infrastructure that it possess and is currently in an advanced stage in the completion of the state of the art hospitals in Kolkata and Barrackpore. The initiative started long before with the launching of paramedical courses like Bachelors of Optometry, DMLT, DRD and also allied subject like Bachelors in Hospital Management in the major colleges of the group.
The long term goal of the goal of the Techno India Group in this field is to make useful contribution both directly by building state of the art hospitals and also ensuring proper flow of human resources by imparting quality education and ensuring successful participation and be a distinctive brand both in the filed of healthcare education and health care delivery to make India a healthy nation in all times to come.

Hospitality: In order to augment our program on Hospitality Management, we have embarked upon an ambitious program of constructing Hotels. The first hotel “The Retreat in Darjeeling serves as an effective training ground and employment destinations for our graduates in Hospitality Management. Today we are in the process of developing a chain of food court, food plaza and food park hotels across major cities in India.

Sports: TIG is intent on reviving sports in West Bengal. In 2008 the Group has entered into an agreement with the century-old Aryans Club to form the Techno-Aryan Club that will help promote and revive football in the state. Close on this, we have entered into an agreement with the illustrious Bayern Munich Football Club to launch the Bengal Techno-Bayern Football Academy which will be established in Burdwan. Apart from this the Group has formed a close association with the illustrious former Indian captain Sri Sourav Ganguly to launch the Sourav Cup an interschool cricket tournament in the state.