Beyond Disciplines

Techno India Group caters to the holistic development of students; encouraging creativity and out-of-the-box thought processes that extend beyond academia is equally important in this day and age. These ensure a promising and enjoyable experience for every student; participation in inter collegiate competitions and activities is refreshing in contrast to the taxing academic schedule that the students have to undergo during the period of their study here.

Big Ideas:

Innovation is the root of every endeavor here at Techno India Group. Sowing the seeds of revolutionary ideas has been one of the prime objectives of this group right from the outset; students here stay forever motivated and inspired to participate in brainstorming sessions, projects and events.

Clubs @ TIG:

* Science & Technology clubs

* Inter-University competitions

* Sports clubs

* Literature clubs

* Drama clubs

* Debate clubs

* Quiz clubs

* Film clubs

* Photography clubs

* Social Responsibility clubs

* Philately clubs

* Numismatics clubs

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